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play 1. Back Home Again In Indiana / Rolling Round The World (MP3) swing

play 2. Chicago / California Here I Come (MP3) swing

play 3. Paris Loves Lovers / Under The Roofs Of Paris (MP3) saunter

play 4. A Gal In Calico (MP3) saunter

play 5. Trinidad Bikini (MP3) cha cha

play 6. Montego Bay / Rivers Of Babylon (MP3) cha cha

play 7. New York New York / Manhattan (MP3) foxtrot

play 8. There's No Place Like London (MP3) foxtrot

play 9. Spanish Eyes / Lady Of Spain (MP3) tango

play 10. Arrivederci Roma / Isle Of Capri (MP3) tango

play 11. Dreaming Of New Zealand (MP3) waltz

play 12. Carolina Moon (MP3) waltz

play 13. Viva Las Vegas (MP3) quickstep

play 14. Walk Like An Egyptian (MP3) quickstep

play 15. Canadian Sunset (MP3) rumba

play 16. By The Time I Get To Phoenix (MP3) rumba

play 17. The Italian Theme (MP3) blues

play 18. It Happened In Monterey / Carolina In The Morning (MP3) blues

play 19. Istanbul (MP3) mambo

play 20. Mambo Italiano (MP3) mambo

play 21. Wonderful Copenhagen (MP3) viennese swing

play 22. Tulips From Amsterdam (MP3) viennese swing



Larry Green - It's All In The Game

Larry Green - It's All In The GameCat No: CDTS 234

All Tracks In Sequence

Album & Individual Tracks Also Available For Download:
DLTS 234 - Larry Green - It's All In The Game (Audio Download)

        CDTS 234 - Larry Green - It's All In The Game Dance

        play1. Twelfth Street Rag (MP3) swing

        play2. Bye Bye Love (MP3) swing

        play3. Am I Blue / Bye Bye Blues (MP3) blues

        play4. Monday Tuesday Wednesday (I Love You) (MP3) blues

        play5. Romance Anonyme (MP3) waltz

        play6. If I Were A Painting (MP3) waltz

        play7. Dance Of The Hours (MP3) cha cha

        play8. Lovers' Concerto / Nowhere Man (MP3) cha cha

        play9. Some Good Things Never Last (MP3) rumba

        play10. How Long Will I Love You (MP3) rumba

        play11. Mexican Shuffle (MP3) quickstep

        play12. You Do Something To Me / Pick Yourself Up (MP3) quickstep

        play13. It's A Breeze (MP3) foxtrot

        play14. That's All (MP3) foxtrot

        play15. Sombras (MP3) tango

        play16. The Air That I Breathe (MP3) tango

        play17. It's All In The Game / Please Release Me (MP3) saunter

        play18. I Love You Because (MP3) saunter

        play19. My Coo Ca Choo / Devil Gate Drive (MP3) jive

        play20. Tiger Feet (MP3) jive

        play21. Born Too Late (MP3) gavotte

        play22. Softly As I Leave You (MP3) gavotte



Larry Green - Christmas And You





 Cat No: CDTS 232

  All Tracks In Sequence

  Album & Individual Tracks Also   Available For Download:
  DLTS 232 - Larry Green - Christmas And You (Audio  Download)



Bottom of FormCDTS 232 - Larry Green - Christmas And You Dance

  1.         play1. Snowbird / Frosty The Snowman (MP3) swing

  2.         play2. Jolly Old St Nicholas (MP3) swing

  3.         play3. When A Child Is Born / Happy Holiday (MP3) saunter

  4.         play4. The Christmas Song (MP3) saunter

  5.         play5. Never Do A Tango With An Eskimo (MP3) tango

  6.         play6. Do They Know It's Christmas (MP3) tango

  7.         play7. As Long As There's Christmas (MP3) waltz

  8.         play8. Greensleeves (MP3) waltz

  9.         play9. Feliz Navidad (MP3) cha cha

  10.         play10. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (with vocals) (MP3) cha cha

  11.         play11. Walking In The Air (MP3) rumba

  12.         play12. Silver Bells (MP3) rumba

  13.         play13. Mele Kalikimaka (MP3) quickstep

  14.         play14. No Place Like Home For The Holidays (MP3) quickstep

  15.         play15. Christmas Is Just Around The Corner (MP3) foxtrot

  16.         play16. Christmas And You (MP3) foxtrot

  17.         play17. All I Want For Christmas Is You / When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney (MP3) jive

  18.         play18. Holly Jolly Christmas / I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday (MP3) jive

  19.         play19. Warm This Winter (MP3) mambo

  20.         play20. Jingle Bells / We Wish You A Merry Christmas (with vocals) (MP3) mambo

  1. Larry Green - The Organ Lounge Vol 3

Cat No: CDTS 230

All Tracks In Sequence

Album & Individual Tracks Also Available For Download:
DLTS 230 - Larry Green - The Organ Lounge Vol 3 (Audio Download)

  CDTS 230 - Larry Green - The Organ Lounge Vol 3 Dance

    play1 . Yes Sir That's My Baby / I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight (MP3) swing

     play2. I Hear Music (MP3) swing

     play3. So Tired / Birth Of The Blues (MP3) blues

    play4. Isn't This A Lovely Day (MP3) blues

   play5. Answer Me / My Cup Runneth Over (MP3) waltz

    play6. A Perfect Night For Dreaming (MP3) waltz

   play7. Por Una Cabeza (MP3) tango

    play8. Blue Tango (MP3) tango

    play9. Dream / If I Give My Heart To You (MP3) saunter

   play10. Once In A While (MP3) saunter

   play11. I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover / Music Music Music (MP3) quickstep

  play12. Three Little Words / Margie (MP3) quickstep

  play13. Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man Of Mine / Try A Little Tenderness (MP3) foxtrot

   play14. Here's That Rainy Day / Girls Were Made To Love And Kiss (MP3) foxtrot

   play15. Wheels (MP3) cha cha

   play16. La Cucaraca (MP3) cha cha

   play17. Till / Serenade In The Night (MP3) rumba

   play18. You're My World (MP3) rumba

   play19. That's All (MP3) mambo

   play20. Big Yellow Taxi / Things (MP3) mambo



Hats Off To Larry Cat No: CDTS 225


        CDTS 225 - Larry Green - Hats Off To Larry Dance

  1.         play1. Sir Duke (MP3) quickstep

  2.         play2. Part Time Lover (MP3) quickstep

  3.         play3. Eleanore (MP3) saunter

  4.         play4. The Last Farewell (MP3) saunter

  5.         play5. Enola Gay (MP3) tango

  6.         play6. Whispering Tango (MP3) tango

  7.         play7. The Sun The Sea And The Sky / Sons And Daughters (MP3) waltz

  8.         play8. Waltz Across Texas (with vocals) (MP3) waltz

  9.         play9. Let's Jump The Broomstick / Gentle On My Mind (MP3) swing

  10.         play10. Candy (MP3) swing

  11.         play11. If / Why (Because I Love You) (MP3) foxtrot

  12.         play12. Only Love (MP3) foxtrot

  13.         play13. The Locomotion / Sugar Sugar (MP3) cha cha

  14.         play14. Moves Like Jagger / In The Navy (MP3) cha cha

  15.         play15. When Will I See You Again / I Can't Give You Anything (But My Love) (MP3) rumba

  16.         play16. The Prayer (MP3) rumba

  17.         play17. See My Baby Jive / Ride A White Swan (MP3) jive

  18.         play18. At The Hop (MP3) jive

  19.         play19. Hats Off To Larry (MP3) mambo

  20.         play20. It's Alright (with vocals) (MP3) mambo

  21.         play21. Venus (MP3) gavotte

  22.         play22. There Must Be More To Life Than This (MP3) gavotte  


CDTS 221 - Music Maestro Please - 30 Years Of Meastro Records
Cat No: CDTS 221
Featuring music by Richard Keeling, Tony Gilbert, Larry Green, David Last, Ronnie Ross. Philip Randles, The Malcolm Wilce Duo and Dave Floyd

All Tracks In Sequence

Also Available For Download: DLTS 221

     CDTS 221 - Music Maestro Please - 30 Years Of Meastro Records Dance

1. playMusic Maestro Please / Music Music Music - Richard Keeling blues

2. playOn The Sunny Side Of The Street Medley - Richard Keeling blues

3. playCherokee / Chinatown My Chinatown - Tony Gilbert quickstep

4. playMake Believe Medley - Tony Gilbert quickstep

5. playCubana Tango - Larry Green tango

6. playNew Fangled Tango - Larry Green tango

7. playFrom Russia With Love - David Last rumba

8. playGoldfinger - David Last rumba

9. playHello Happiness Goodbye Loneliness - Ronnie Ross swing

10. playOur House Is A Home - Ronnie Ross swing It Had To Be You - Richard Keeling foxtrot

12. playThere's Heartache Following Me - Richard Keeling foxtrot

13. playCan't Get You Out Of My Head - Larry Green cha cha

14. playMeet The Flintstones / Scooby Dooby Doo - Larry Green cha cha

15. playExodus / Ann Veronica - Philip Randles rumba

16. playHighland Cathedral - Philip Randles rumba Beautiful Sunday / Hey Las Vegas - Dave Floyd mambo

18. playSave The Last Dance For Me / Yellow Bird - Dave Floyd mambo Good Morning / San Francisco - Philip Randles swing We'll All Go Riding On A Rainbow - Philip Randles swing

21. playMockingbird Hill / Waltzing Matilda - Malcolm Wilce Duo jive The Clap Clap Song - Malcolm Wilce Duo jive

23. playFascination - David Last waltz  

24. playThe Anniversary Waltz - David Last (MP3)

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FROM MAESTRO RECORDS CDTS 219  All Tracks In Sequence

Larry Green - Unchained Melody
  • Larry Green - Unchained Melody

















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Click on album covers for track listings FROM MAESTRO RECORDS











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Click on album covers for track listings FROM MAESTRO RECORDS












Click on album covers for track listings FROM MAESTRO RECORDS Global warming, financial meltdown, corporate greed, dodgy bankers, dishonourable MPs, religious wars, urban nightmares, all make for a world that could definitely do with a bit of healing at this moment in time. So put Larryís new CD on the player, slip on your dancing shoes and let the music and dancing take you away from it all. Afterwards, the world just might feel like a better place! Well done Larry, for helping to keep us all sane!



CDTS171 - Heal The World



  • 1. Everybody's Somebody's Fool / Walk Tall (MP3) quickstep
  • 2. Heal The World (MP3) quickstep
  • 3. Let's Fall In Love / I've Never Felt Like This Before (MP3) foxtrot
  • 4. You're Nobody Til Somebody Loves You / Hallelujah (MP3) foxtrot
  • 5. SOS / Chiquitita (MP3) tango
  • 6. Greatest Day / Delilah (MP3) tango
  • 7. Rainbow Connections / Look To The Rainbow (MP3) waltz
  • 8. Weekend In New England (MP3) waltz
  • 9. Next Time You Fall In Love / A Whole New World (MP3) rumba
  • 10. I Just Can't Stop Loving You (MP3) rumba
  • 11. Robert E Lee / Swannee (MP3) swing
  • 12. All Things Bright And Beautiful / Onward Christian Soldiers (MP3) swing
  • 13. You're In My Heart (MP3) saunter
  • 14. If I Knew Then What I Know Now (MP3) saunter
  • 15. Tragedy (MP3) cha cha
  • 16. Get This Party Started / Billie Jean (MP3) cha cha
  • 17. Besame Mucho (MP3) rumba
  • 18. If I Never Sing Another Song (MP3) rumba
  • 19. Everyday / Rehab (MP3) mambo
  • 20. Dance Tonight - with vocals (MP3) mambo
  • 21. Crystal Chandalier / Rhinestone Cowboy (MP3) stroll
  • 22. All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down - with vocals (MP3) stroll


    CDTS 163 - Films & Musicals


    CDTS I56 Fields of Gold
      CD Review







    CDTS 149 This Is The Life


    Click on album covers for track listings  A great mixture of old and new tunes, from classics and favourite singalongs to one of the most popular recent hits, You Raise Me Up, which is currently one of larry's most requested pieces of music. A fine collection of tracks for dancing and relaxed easy listening.







    CDTS 141 - Far Away Places


    Click on album covers for track listings Combining a great choice of tunes played with artistry and style has become a trademark of Larryís CDs over the years. Always providing some of the best music around for the dancer and easy listener, Larry has done it again with this release!

    CDTS 134 - Forever And Ever


    Click on album covers for track listings Great tunes and more great performances from Larry make this new album one of his best. Larry grows in popularity with each new release and continues wowing his audience with his sheer artistry and style!

    CDTS 132 - The Nearness Of You


    Click on album covers for track listings Another 'Unforgettable' album from Larry, bringing together a selection of great tunes performed in his usual stylish way, especially for Modern Sequence Dancing.

    CDTS 126 - Unforgettable


    Click on album covers for track listings A sparkling performance from Larry, another great new release for the Sequence Dancer. Accompanied by Mark Helmore on drums, this is definately one of Larry's best!







    CDTS 120 - Get Happy


    Click on album covers for track listings Thereís no hiding this superb collection of new recordings for easy sequence dancing, from one of your favourite artists.






    CDTS 114 - Masquerade


    Merry Christmass everyone. A collection of your favourite festive tunes played with style for sequence and general dancing at Christmas.

    CDTS 105 - Merry Christmas Everyone


    Click on album covers for track listings Blue Velvet. Voted by many as the best album of 2002!







    CDTS 111 - Blue Velvet


    Everything in rhythm. More Swinging Keyboards In Sequence from one of your favourite artists.







    CDTS 107 - Everything’s In Rhythm


    Do you wanna dance. Another very popular album for sequence and general dancing.







    CDTS 098 - Do You Wanna Dance


    Happy days are here again Another very popular album for sequence and general dancing.

    CDTS 095 - Happy Days Are Here Again


    I hear music. Larry makes some of the most popular recordings for sequence and general dancing.








    CDTS 090 - I Hear Music


    Just for you Larry's first recording for Maestro Records, released in April 1999. A very popular album.







    CDTS 086 - Just For You

    Millenium magic. A Real Millennium Celebration featuring Larry Green, David Last, Philip Randles







    CDTS 097 - Millennium Magic


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